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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

progress and pics with new camera

crappy picture, i'm still practicing, but this is my new baby. 18 mos. no interest. dont judge me lol
one of my favorite boys, my T-Dawg, humoring me at midnight, letting me practice with my manual focus. we were the only ones awake. cute huh? he's blue eyed, a Texan, he likes mexican food & beer, collects firearms and enjoys horse back riding, rodeo, cooking, hunting, fishing, football & long walks on the beach, incase you're interested lol... let me know, he needs a date! ROFLMAO he will KILL me for this!

no flash


no flash

'before'- actually 'during'. there was an old built in vanity/desk/changing table here. we demolished it and fixed the mess it left.


almost an 'after' shot. as you can see, i'm not into clothes, so i dont need much, this will be all i'll ever need. summer on the top, winter in the middle, pj's on the bottom. a diva, i am NOT. all my socks and under clothes are in the bedside table with drawers that i refurbished. the floor will be full of photo albums and baby books, and i will be stacking sheets and blankets up there somewhere too-after i clean out the closet and purge and re organize. just needs baseboard put back in and we are building doors for it, not sure what we want yet. what a space saver! for 40$!


TheHappyNeills said...

what a great storage space!!!

MomInTheTrench said...

Been looking for a good man for my MIL down here in Texas. . .but I guess he might be a little young.

He could live in her basement. ;)

Kristin said...

1) i of course LOVE the pics
2) so excited about your new shelves
3) shitting laughing at your dating profile for tim, hahaha