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Friday, September 11, 2009


my sister in law took all these with her fantastic camera. cannon rebel, like a $1600.00 jobbie. i love them!
things are looking up! Jackson has had 2 great days at school and the SPED teacher even called me to tell me how well he's doing now that he has adjusted and found his way around. he is now being pulled to resource for math and language arts, his work is being modified and all is well. his mood is good, so maybe hes REGULATED LOL
guess what? I've (FINALLY)been painting my bedroom & re organizing it for over a week. I'm almost done. i posted all the pics on facebook, so you can friend me there if you want. my name is ali crawford in there. it came out GORGOUS, it's a beautiful terracotta/pumpkin/burnt orange kinda thing. i will post a few pics of it in here. i have such a good feeling when i walk in there now. it's warm and inviting, feels comfortable. i also picked up a few pieces of furniture at my favorite consignment shop and re-furbished them. I have a bedside table now! it is THE BEST! water glass, lamp & alarm clock, all at my finger tips. i am thrilled. i've been busy! but a good busy!
in a week, i am flying to Michigan with Uncle Tim. he will be emptying out storage from his old house and then we will drive back here with more stuff than we ever wanted lol. i'm up for a fun road trip. hell, i'm up for anything! i'm excited, but BROKE. August was terrible for income, for us. i really shouldn't go, but my cousin, the one who has 8 kids, lives on a farm only 1 hour from Tim's house, so i will be spending time with them & seeing their house for 2-3 days while Tim packs up his stuff, then he will pick me up & we will drive home in the U Haul, taking turns driving. 18 hours i think. I cant cancel! I'm hoping to blog during my trip. I hope it's a fun road trip. I've never taken one before. well, not one like this. I'm gonna miss my peeps! i wish i had more cash for this thing....

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Happiness & a beautiful family!