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Monday, September 14, 2009

cell phones and RAD teens OY OY OY

well, the cell phone thing just didn't work out. when he left for school thismorning I, Of course, scrolled through his never ending text message exchanges between he & his "city friends", who are kids who attend camp with Jackson, the one for kids with HIV. Lets just say that.. um... HELL NO. with his school friends hes pretty age appropriate. with those 2 kids?(boy and girl, both 12 years old) he is DISGUSTING and rude and crude and innappropriate and downright YUCK. He even took photos of pages of his older brothers dirty magazines and sent them to these kids! awful pictures. and the words and phrases they use, him being the worst one, were outrageous. I guess he's just too immature and sexually.. uh... transfixed? right now, i dont know... to be trusted with a cell phone. i liked having the phone to dangle in front of him to get him to do homework and put in effort, but... oh, well. i do not need the mothers of these 2 kids calling me and asking why my son is so lewd. the things they said to each other just blow my mind, these kids are younger than Jackson! but JACKSON was the only one sending the pictures! he just "turns it on" for "those" friends to keep up. NO THANKS. his relationship with those 2 children will now be limited to a one week camp every summer and that is IT. i had even offered to pick up the boy to take him to the yearly camp Christmas party this year, he never attends because his Mother doesnt have a car, but now i think I will just leave it alone. black or not, (they are)those are not the kind of kids I want him hanging around with, regardless of how much like them he really is. I mean , he was bragging about how much Pu**y hes getting! I am NOT KIDDING! where is all this coming from? He needs sooo much supervision it is unreal. how are we going to get through the teen/early 20's years? kids with HIV bragging about how much tail theyre getting??????? at TWELVE????? LORD HELP US.
when he got home from school & asked where his cell phone was i told him "take a few minutes to yourself think about why it might be put away". he simply fell asleep on the couch and that was that. he doesnt want to confront yet. thats ok. i can wait.


Mothering4Money said...

And you stayed CALM? Don't know how you do it girly, but you're doing an excellent job.

ali said...

oh, it gets better. he stole the phone back today, i left it out like a moron. he watched me search, i asked him where it was, he claimed he had no idea. "you guys took it, i dont know". then i walked into his bedroom and called his number. the phone rang from inside a drawer. HERES YOUR SIGN!!!!!! @@ i had to laugh out loud. he handed me the phone and i walked out, shutting the door behind me. siigghhhh