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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on the mend

everyone is feeling better here, just sleep deprived. i'm trying to wean shawn. he has become so demanding, wanting the all night ninnie bar after not nursing at night for many months. hes totally regressing and i am exhausted from it all. he doesnt sleep, hes in and out of my bed all night begging to nurse...... it is awful. so that is it. hes 19 months on saturday and as of this week, ive shut him off. he isnt happy about it but enough is enough. i just want him to sleep and i dont feel like he ever ever will. he slept through the night from 13-17 months and then went backwards all of a sudden. why?
jackson is teasing the autistic kid at the bus stop(and on the bus) again. we've had this issue crop up over and over in the last 3 years, he suddenly forgets the rules. the kid doesnt like it when you ask him questions-he flips out. so what does jackson do? asks him question after question after question to see what he'll do. he snaps. jackson gets in trouble. OY. i tried to take his ipod away, but its missing. think he cares? wrong. wont even look for it.
i'm just glad all 10 of us are healthy at the same time!
spring is right around the corner right?????

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