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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

just busy lately...

the nights have been just too busy to blog lately...but i'm also trying to spend less time on the computer and more time on my kids and my messy house. shawn isn't sleeping well at all, although his days are very good and cheery. all 3 of us have recovered nicely from our sickies, but now Yogi is sick. in fact, hes on his way home from the doctors office right now. he has a nasty sinus infection. i knew that on Thursday, but he finally agreed last night lol. he is miserable beyond words. i hope he will stay home and rest tomorrow, but i have a feeling he won't. he is a MAN, afterall. he has a fever too, so he really should stay home.
Uncle Tim is back, not sure how long he's staying. damn, can he cook.
ben & jay are still here, ben is awaiting his deployment date. he was hoping to hear today. jay leaves April 2nd.
doug is having a great time in SC and calls me daily with southern weather reports. mean huh?
jackson brought home a great behavior/effort report from his teacher and is happy to have his IPOD back. he's had an excellent week here too.
it was 60* out today. i stayed outside all day and even shawn enjoyed himself and isnt terrified of his bike anymore.
my husband just walked in without a script, because the pharmacy is closed. why didnt they give him something there?

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FaerieMama said...

I'm trying to stay off the computer lately too...Anastasia is very needy/clingly lately, and the house is just a mess!!! How did you end up with 60 degrees yesterday? i'm south of you in Mass and it was only 48! Darn..