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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

recent pics

making Valentine chocolates
outfit she picked out for Valentine party at school. polka dot skort, tights with fluffy hearts and cute corker bows

Sunday morning pancakes with Daddy

can anybody reccommend a good scar fader remedy for her nose? the scar is just not fading at all. the cut was way deeper than we thought. she fell in january and smashed her face on the TV stand.

terrible photographer but cute family! ken is sooo in Dr. Suess right now. we like Fox In Sox. i can read the tweetle beetle battle without making one mistake-but ive been reading it for 20+ years lOL

no idea. he asked to put the pink vest on and the oodie was in the toy box. i only wish he really took an oodie. maybe he'd sleep! oh- Uncuh's dallas cowboy baseball hat

ok lol

this little piggy.....

with my Vista laptop i could do all this cool cropping and red eye removal stuff. with my XP laptop i cant seem to do it. thats why the latest pics are so crappy.


Mothering4Money said...

Kendyl is the female version of Yogi, spitting image. You have such a beautiful family! You can use picnik to edit photos online. It has some of the same cool features as photoshop, but you don't have to purchase anything.

TheHappyNeills said...

Vitamin E is tried-and-true for helping scars. Not sure if you can buy straight oil or not (I would bet so). I used the supplement gel capsules in high school on a bad scar...just pricked it or snipped it and rubbed the oil into the scar.

ali said...

she sure is his spitting image. the nose, the big eyes, ears that stick out, chubby bottom lip... all but the dimples!

Brenda said...

Those are some gorgeous kids you have!