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Thursday, February 19, 2009


i havent nursed Shawn in.. uh....62 hours. we are both still alive! its been a much easier transition than i expected it to be, cold turkey. he still asks for ninnies but moves on pretty easily when i tell him they're "all gone" and offer him something else. the night before last went very well, he slept through the night and everything. last night? TORTURE. i finally began to drift off at about 11, and at that very moment he was crying and climbing in with us. UGH. he was up & down-mostly up- allllll night long. i've been awake since 6, but was mostly awake until like 4. OY. long night. hoping tonight is better. he was soooooooo cranky and screamy all day today. throwing things, hitting, having huge tantrums..... he's confused, i'm sure. and over tired! at nap time he slept for barely ONE hour. what the heck????
he sure is eating better though! i guess mommy milk is more filling than i thought.
i havent been all that uncomfortable, ice helps lol
another weird thing? i am not. he was stealing all my food lol
i knew that when i was finally done, i'd be done, and that would be it. its how i do everything. when i finally make a decison i just do it. no screwing around. its a Gemini thing. at 4 am the other morning i suddenly said to myself, "self! thats it! i cant take this anymore!"
on we go........


Mike and Katie said...

Congrats! I've been wrapping things up with Amanda, too.

Although, after not nursing a week I got out the nurser so she would drink something while she was sick with the stomach flu.

Erin said...

WOO HOO! Chris is a gemini too.. but I am a libra... so, him wanting the cold turkey quitting for CJ is not in my personality!