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Saturday, October 3, 2009

RAD, RAD you stink BAD

Jack's newest annoying habit/behavior is the nonsense chatter, "peanut gallery" type comments. i am GOING CRAZY. I do not want Jackson to know i am GOING CRAZY. this creates quite the dilemma. only in a video could i truly describe this behavior, but suffice it to say that any and every statement made in this house, by anybody, is met with an under the breath comment, sneer, cackle, snort, giggle or other annoying sound or overly expressive, outlandish body language.
the most i have uttered is "I'd like you to practice being quiet and respectful when other people are talking."
what i WANT to say is "for the love of Chrysler, will you please just shut your mouth for 5 minutes???? I CANNOT THINK! I CANNOT BREATH! YOU'RE TAKING UP ALL THE AIR!"
um... any tips?


Christine said...

I like to start talking nonsense right back, but I always use the word pickle. I mumble about pickles under my breath. I respond to nonsense chatter with something like, "Really? Cause I thought you smelled like a pickle." It's my code word for, "I totally know what you're doing, and I will out-pickle you, my friend."

Sometimes I will just go GET a pickle from the fridge, look right at 'em, and take a big chunk with each little chattery nonsense thing.

It's wonderful, because when they say, "Mom! Stop!" You just smile and say, "I will when you do, dear." CRUNCH!

Jules said...

Christine, that's an awesome idea.

Jules said...

Also, Ali, sorry I have no advice for you. I don't have kids myself but I know I acted like that when I was a teenager. I'm really enjoying your blog as well.

A said...

If you find something that works, please tell me. Though, I don't envy you having a teen RAD kid at ALL. Having a small RAD kid is enough to burst blood vessels in my brain on a regular basis. Giving them height and strength behind it. Ugh.
Good thing your guy is handsome :) It's these kids only saving grace somedays.