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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fair

RAD is a biotch! We FINALLY make plans to do SOMETHING FUN as a family and RAD has to show up. Jacko didn't remember the last fair we went to, it's been a while, so his Fear Of The Unknown TOOK OVER BIGTIME. you know, the usual drill, sitting on the couch watching the entire family take turns showering, doing hair, finding shoes, getting dressed, packing a bag.......he sits. he waits. he makes nonsense noises. he plays dumbo. He needles his little sister & makes the elderly foster dog cower and growl under the kitchen table(thats for another post). Dad finally tells him he needs to put on some clothes, brush his teeth, put shoes on and the like. he fiddled. he foddled. he faddled. he be-dazzled the crowd of on-lookers with his incredible rubber band slingshot skills . he silently refused and was quietly defiant for the next 30 minutes. When i had finally had enough fun, i told him i was aware that his anxiety over the unknown was rendering him a puddle of green vomit jello, but that fact aside, he still needed to dress himself or leave in his vomit jello slathered Spiderman PJ's. He came around to my way of thinking, but not before breaking a lamp. OY. i liked that lamp too. Anyway, we finally made it out the door with only minor injuries unscathed, and jack had loads of fun!


Erin said...

INCREDIBLE PICS ALI!!!!!! HOLY PUDDLE.... I am glad he had a good time despite his apprehension... and your STRESS!!! GRRR

Mothering4Money said...

Must. get. your. camera. Think Mr Sticky Fingers would mail it to me? Sorry, that wasn't funny. Do love all the awesome pics you are taking with the new camera though.

Kristin said...

hahaha!! mothering4money's comment, too funny. it'd be great if we could hire Mr. Sticky Fingers out to work for us! unfortunately, when dealing with him, NOBODY WINS. ever.