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Saturday, October 10, 2009

it comes in 3's, right?

bad luck, i mean.
when i started this blog in early 07, boiler/furnace woes were the daily subject of my posts. you can go back to the beginning and read about them to bring you up to speed, by looking at the few posts from 07, but suffice it to say that 8 thousand bucks just doesnt get you very far these days. Yesterday we decided to surprise kristin when she came home for the weekend by getting some supplies and firing up the chocolate fountain i bought her a few years ago. the fountain part wouldnt work, we thought the motor had quit, but we still had the melted chocolate to dip cookies and fruit in and we were having fun when Tim smelled smoke. he went downstairs without raising anyone's suspicions, then came up and told kris to get the kids out of the house while i went down there with him. the electrical box on the front of the furnace was on fire when he walked in, he had put the fire out & killed the power with the emergency switch, but the house quickly filled up with black smoke that hurt to breathe in. we got out of the house and called Sears. so much for service plans, warrantees or 20 year guarantees. NOBODY CARED. this was at 2pm Friday and they gave us an 8-5 window on MONDAY for repairs. no heat or hot water, with 6 kids home? until monday night? i talked to 7 people in 6 different departments and got nowhere. when our 1974 furnace quit, and we got several estimates for a new system, Sears was NOT the lowest estimate we got. but they had the best warrantee and service plan. 24 hours a day! (LIES!) lorden oil gave us an estimate too. guess who fixed my furnace last night? Lorden. i have a huge bill, Sears wont cover it and now my "warantee" is null and void. the warantee isnt worth the paper its written on anyway! screw my life. but we went to bed knowing we had heat and hot water. all was well.

then, at 2am, my mother suffered a stroke. tim & kris kept the kids, yogi was on a roof. i spent the morning with Mom, she is lucid and talking but her left side is paralyzed. her mother died of a stroke less than 12 mos. ago. i better get my ass moving in the right direction huh? My father is holding up ok, hes had a bad week too, they both have. theyve both been laid up all week as it is. dad with a hip problem, fluid and stuff, lots of pain, and my mother had had 3 shots of cortisone placed in her chest for costachondriitis(sp?-has to do with her rheumatoid and osteo arthritis condition, not her heart condition UGH) she was in pain all week with 2 bad ankles and her chest throbbing, my dad can hardly walk.. and these guys are only 60 & 61 years old! trying to take care of each other, -they are too stubborn to ever get help, we all try, -has taken its toll this week. i blame the red sox/angels play off games for this entire episode lol, my poor mother cant take these losses! anyway,when she had the stroke, she was sleeping, my dad was snoring so my mom went to sleep in my old room. she says her mother grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of bed saying "gail ann, you have to get up! get up! you have to get out of the bed!"(God must be PISSED OFF at her right now for not following the rules lol thats my Grandma!) so my mom fell to the floor and banged her head on a dresser which woke my dad. THANK GOD. its so funny to hear that my gram is still watching everything we do and bossing us around. all 4'11 of her. too funny. i came home at about 1230 to put shawn to bed, nobody else can, hes a horror show, C went home for the weekend, so shes not here to help me. kris is NOT used to being saddled with the kids at all, but she did fine, they were very good for her, she said. i didnt feel i could stay away all day though! so i am here, waiting to hear results of the MRI. On Tv they make it look like the action happens so fast, but really, it all goes sooooo slowly. i will head back later tonight, after everyone is settled here. i wish i knew more, waiting is hard!


Georgia said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Especially about your parents' poor health. My mother just passed away last month and I am still sorting through it all. One thing that touched me about what you said was that the medical stuff doesn't happen fast. Sitting around waiting for doctors to descend from on high takes a lot of time. I'll be thinking about you. Oh, and I'm writing again so you may want to stop by!

Mothering4Money said...

I completely missed this post. I am so sorry to hear about your mom's stroke. I hope she is able to recover quickly and that your dad's health issues get better as well. Hugs girlfriend!