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Friday, October 2, 2009

RAD and football games, part 2....

so, a week has gone by since the football game/stolen bike incident of 09. As of wed. night Jackson still hadn't mentioned the bike or what his plan was, but I knew he'd had plenty of time to process the whole scenario in his mind so i mentioned the incident again. We chatted back & forth, I was getting nowhere fast, but my burning question was this: if you left your bike at the building, why were you searching for it in the woods? no real answer. i finally asked him if he really thought someone had taken the bike, or had he just panicked and really wasn't ever paying any attention to his surroundings(he has NO sense of order or direction) and didn't remember where he left it? no real answer, but he jumped in the truck with 'C' and they were back 10 minutes later with his bike. it was "right where he left it". big smile on his face. All is well in 2 wheeler world.
self help skills? -10
attention to detail? -30
abilty to think critically? -7
short term memory/recall?-14
pride of ownership?-100


Mothering4Money said...

He's going to be one of those people who can't remember where he parked his car and then when he finally does find it, he will realize that the keys are locked inside. LOL

Hey, at least you live in a place where nobody touches a "free" bike for a week!

Jeri said...

Could have been worse....he could have "lost" it in the winter there and you'd have had to wait until thaw to find it.

Kristin said...

HAHAHA noooo...ohhh my goodness. i KNEW nobody in merrimack would steal! :)