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Monday, March 28, 2011

too busy to talk about cheese!

LATE UPDATE: Wall-E has been found! Konor found him in Kristin's closet the morning after this post was written PHEW! He's safe in his cage :)

No, I don't ever talk about cheese, I just wanted to get your attention. HA! Sorry, I've been absent all week but crap on a cracker, life is busy! And Chaotic. ShawnAlan has pneumonia, Doug & Jenny both got FULL TIME JOBS(one all day, the other, all night), Konor has an interview where jenny was hired, and our hamster, Wall-E, is missing. Yup, you heard it here first, folks. my Wolly Pog is GONE. He escaped from his house of horrors cage 2 nights ago and hasn't returned. I am beyond devastated, but I haven't given up yet. Our friend Jesse, from Critter Control is gonna help us find him before he dies of dehydration or TheDogYankedMyHeadOff disease. We still have hope.

I will update later on this week.

What else? oh- just yesterday we bought a black, 2000 VW Jetta for ALL the oldest kids to share. I forget how many of them there are... 4 or 5 older kids i think. Hoping they don't kill each other. I wish I had a cool "you're gonna shit when you hear this!" story to go along with this announcement, but, so far, I don't. But....give me a few days! you KNOW the shit's gonna hit the fan any minute, right? I know!

Konor doesn't believe me when I tell him I will totally write a funny song about Levi getting his balls professionally lobbed off next week, and put it on here for the entire free world to read- but YOU believe me, don't you? Remember The Pot Song? about my niece smokin' too much reefer? i will write about pretty much anything that's on my mind.

i bettuh go, i was up too late last night watching The Fighter with Yogi. It was good but i have to ask.. WHAT ACCENT??????????????? HA! and I am SO HUNGRY!!!!! I should go hunt for Wall-e too, while he's likely awake and looking for snacks. And I need to ice the sore shoulder i wrecked in the weight room yesterday(UGH)

love all 7 of you!!!! ps. YOGI SNORES REALLY LOUD -Al

1 comment:

Erin said...

snoring is a great reminder he is right next to you!
I love you Ali!