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Saturday, March 19, 2011

brain dump

Between Courtney's baby shower and basketball tournament games all day, I missed my chance to run at the Y before they closed. I don't often run outdoors because I'm a major pussy because it's harder on my very old bones, but tonight, I just felt like it for some reason. guilt? addiction? Whatever the reason, and why over-think it anyway?-It was the best run I've had in months. It's funny-when you run in high temperatures, it seems so easy at first, then you want to DIE within 7 minutes. In colder temperatures, it's terrible at first, but then you warm up and it feels amazing! You also don't get so thirsty. I only ran 3 miles, since that's what I told everyone here I was doing and they'd panic if I didn't return on time, but I felt like I could run forever-which NEVER.EVER.HAPPENS. There were so many stars and the moon was so huge and low, it was like I could reach out and grab it. think "Dispicable Me"! Most houses I passed had motion sensing lights that flashed on as I ran by. I kept thinking about how much I hope I never feel like we need those. We have them, but only because the prior owners installed them. I don't want to need them. sorry for the random thought. Anyway, I had my blinking lights on for safety, my favorite music in my ears(Keane) and my scattered, racing thoughts. I tried not to think about the mess back at the house, the fact that I over ate today at the shower and then ate the take-out Yogi ordered, the TWO detentions Jackson earned at school this past week for "wandering the building" or the fact that the scale won't budge. Maybe that third flight out the 3rd story window busted it for good, huh? It couldn't possibly be the take-out LOL. I also tried not to think about the list of my missing items, such as my brand new pair of jeans, hooded running jacket, the engagement ring Yogi surprised me with in 1993(it fits me again!), 2 pair of weight lifting shoes and my prescription exzema medication. I am the QUEEN of losing stuff. my Nike sportsband watch was missing for 4 days, I found it tonight, under the seat of my truck. siiggghh. ADHD? what's that? HA! When I got back to the house, I asked Jacky to take a picture of me, just so you could share in my happy state of mind at that very moment. He cut the top of my head off, but the grin tells it all, I think. I love the new ME . Aren't you glad you stopped by? I AM!


Story of our Life said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! Keep up the good work. I keep looking at our eliptical and thinking "tmw". Then tmw comes and there is a new excuse. And today my excuse lies in the mere fact that I can't make it from the bed to the couch w/o coughing up a lung. Maybe tmw. (Sorry for the bad grammer...i'm horrible at it and don't even try anymore.)

BTW: I found my Ipod when I got home. :) Thankfully, I dreaded telling my dh. I did. Good thing I found it. He was po'd abt enough stuff and the last thing I needed was to loose my Ipod while in Orlando (or at the airport actually bc that was where I had it last).

Take care. gala

Mothering4Money said...

Seems Orlando got you blogging again. Yay! Miss you and your full-of-lifeness. xoxo

Teresa said...

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The Other Mother said...

Congrats on the run! I've decided that you're going to be my inspiration...hope you don't mind.