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Friday, March 12, 2010


ive spent the last 2- 3 weeks in pain. my lower back and my neck, mostly. i am TERRIFIED of the chiropractor, but when I finally hit rock bottom, i relent and make an appointment. I hit rock bottom squared. i hate the cracking sounds. i brought my I Pod and tried not to throw up in my mouth. i was somewhat successful! 2 visits later I am seriously on the mend and looking forward.
when youre in pain, you get sloppy. you get desperate. throw me a life ring! I hoped the kids would really jump in and help. some days are better tan others, but im still doing a lot. Yesterday i was so delerious I announced to all the kids(7 of them were in the room) that i was willing to pay 40$ CASH to whoever emptied, scrubbed out, organized/purged leftovers and re filled the refridgerator on the main floor. NOT.ONE.TAKER.
Nobody. All these kids are so in need of money but not one of them was motivated enough to do the job. i went to the chiropractor shortly after making the announcement, I had big dreams of coming home to a dramatic "reveal", like on While You Were Out, but it didn't happen. The house needs to be vacuumed, buckets and buckets of folded(by yours truly) laundry need to be carried from one floor to another, there isnt one clean towel in the bathroom, i finally scrubbed the bathtub myself, Yogi raked leaves & debris from the storm but then had to go to work, nobody has cleaned up the piles, there is so much to do and i cant do it all right now, neither can he, can all wait. I know all these kids are typical, i know that if we want/need them to do something we need to ask, but i guess im just feeling overwhelmed tonight.
and, why is it that when i want to make plans, especially overnight plans, i run them by my husband and get his input, yet tonight all i got was " im going away next weekend" ???? a mere 7 days notice for a whole weekend away with his Primerica buddies? no input asked? i am PISSED WAY OFF. i'll get over it. then i'll go away for the weekend.


Kristin said...

he's having a magical weekend with Skeeeeeezaaaah

Mike and Katie said...

Typical stinks! I want special kids.

Justju said...

Oh suck sometimes, 'specially teenagers.

Men suck sometimes, too...'specially when they get to do all these fun things seemingly where we don't do crap except pick up crap after everyone in the house!

We WILL have a girls getaway weekend.... we will, we will, we will!!! lol. :)

Love ya, girlie!