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Thursday, April 9, 2009

what ali has been up to

i ended up filing 20 of these little pails lol. Target has them for 1$ each.
these are the new flower molds i bought this year. i LOVE how they come out. these were my first attemps, the later ones look even better

this tray is HUGE. all this went to the assisted living facility my Mother volunteers at

all this did too


Mothering4Money said...

OMG those are beautiful Ali! Too pretty to eat even. I bet the people at the assisted living home really appreciated the thoughtfulness, not to mention the yummy-ness. You got skillz girlfriend!

Erin said...

AWESOME ALI! I have a whole bin of molds here if you want them when I get a chance to come up there!!!

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Ali,

I hope you're right about Stellan get the right help now. ALthough my first reaction to you "bashing" our midwestern Drs was, "Do you want to kick our Twins while you're here?"

Ha, Ha! It's baseball season again!