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Friday, December 19, 2008

RAD/FAE in the news

i recently became friends with the mom of a boy who's on jackson's basketball team. she adopted her other/older son from the system at age 3. hes a RAD kid who also suffers from Fetal Alcohol Effect. we chat about the goofy, at times unacceptable but quirky, funny things they do and the strange behavior they exhibit. its all lighthearted though-the only negative thing shes ever said about this boy(age 20, graduated highschool with my Kristin) is that she was so relieved when he failed his military entrance exam because "can you imagine giving mikey a GUN???" lol
it's been so fun to have someone nearby to talk to, in person, once a week at basketball practice who shares in my "HUH???" moments and does that head nodding thing when i talk about trash picking and trinket stealing. i really like her.
well....... the boy moved in with his paternal grandparents last year, everyone was more relaxed, and he got along well with them both. the grandmother died soon after he moved in, but the grandfather wanted mike to stay with him. we had that big storm thursday and we all lost power. after almost a week without power, it came back on this past tuesday and everything seemed fine with mikey and grampa.... . but then yesterday, early morning, for reasons unknown, Mikey chopped up his grampa with a hatchet and burned the house down. you can read the story in these NH papers online. Manchester Union Leader or The (Nashua) Telegraph. i suck at links, sorry.
this lady is the BEST person. one of her 11 year old boy/girl twins has CP and is wheelchair bound, she comes to all Matt's games.... shes so down to earth and i really like her. i cant imagine how shes feeling. i think i will go to the wake just to give her a hug and nod my head while she talks.
RAD is HARD. you NEVER feel totally safe because they are such good actors.
jack was VERY rude before school thismorning. i finally told him to get his stuff and leave. im finding weird stuff in his room still. especially screwdrivers. weapon of choice? who the hell knows?
big snow storm here. we have a foot already i think. please dont let the power go out! 40 MPH winds on the way.. please pray!
hope all is well with you all. please pray for the phillips family, if you can :)


Torina said...

Oh holy crapola. That is insane. But yet, insane is where we are living.

Brenda said...


Erin said...

Oh my .... Oh My Ali.....
How horrible... and tragic....
sending prayers their way... And yours... for the strength....