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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ali and her very very very very very RADspastic week. By Ali

WHAT A WEEK! Pack your goody bags, ladies. youre goin' to story land!
Ive been "helping" ok.. doing it all.. jackson clean his room. Yogi's best friend, Tim is coming to stay with us for a few weeks or months and i made space for him in Jacks room, since he has the huge room. we set up a twin bed by the window, and are trying to really clean out the room so walking is possible. needless to say, cleaning his room is a disgusting task, not for the faint of heart. it can get ugly. at times, i feel i must swear myself to secrecy concerning my findings. i am not exaggerating.
ok.. so.. every so often i like to go through all the books on the shelf, weeding out the ones hes outgrown to put them on Kendyls shelf and get rid of the ones he has sat and painstakingly ripped the pages out of one by one when angry. Hidden in the pages of the books i found my Castaway DVD, Doug's Dodgeball and Too Fast, Too Furious DVD's, and the topper? CD's that kristin burned containing all her photos from her trips to Australia, New Zealand, Italy and some other place. WHY???????????????????????????????? just so we have to search and he can watch??? OY. weirdo.
when i'm in his room, the most obvious observation is the fact that Jackson has NO sense of order. no idea what "putting away" means. socks, un matched, in 17 different drawers, an UNO game box in the closet, and UNO cards in 24 different locations throughout the room. urine scented drawer liners(clothing) in every drawer and both closets, one shoe in one closet, the match in another. 20 books in one closet, 30 in another, 40 under the bed and 16 on the floor. bookshelf? EMPTY aside from halloween candy bar wrappers, a tennis racket, one snow boot and empty glue sticks(he ate the glue @@) when you spend time in his room, its clear how mixed up he is, on so many levels. CHAOS is where he lives. his head must be swimming with thoughts that make no sense. I cannot imagine the fury inside his head. i painted the room a year ago. its so beautiful in there now(well.. it was.) a calming blueish grey with white trim, white, 30$ shades on 4 favorite find yesterday was the wall he took a screwdriver to. my second favorite was the black sharpie marker mess. the roof leak didnt help either. theres so much to do up there at this point. my stomach hurts when i think about whats ahead and how hard i worked that week to get it done and nobody cared one bit. the new roof is on, but now we need to replace his ceiling and carpeting. he likes to get out of bed at night, fall asleep on the carpet and soak it in urine, so between that and the roof leak soaking it... UGH.
Anyway, the room is clean and organized now. 5 trash bags of garbage, 2 of clothes that dont fit and one of books for kendyl and its a done deal. now, onto the BEST PART:
this morning i went up there to plug in a lamp next to Tim's bed. i needed to move the dresser a bit to access the outlet. a USED condom was stowed behind the dresser. i thought I would DIE RIGHT THERE. jackson said he found it in an outdoor garbage barrel when taking out a bag of trash, & took it to his room to "CHECK IT OUT". 6 months ago a used, dripping condom fell out of an empty pizza box in my kitchen. Dougs friend Ben had hidden it there( not sure if i blogged about it or not). jackson handed it to me and asked "whats this????" he thought it was a playtex baby bottle liner. i had him wash his hands and explained exactly what it was & i had NO idea who it belonged to at the time. Ben raked leaves and did lots of push-ups. why did Jackson want to inspect another one?????????? why is he so freaky? SO absolutely disgusting! im sure his hands were not washed, who knows what else he went around touching after that!!!!! this find of mine came 30 minutes after i, while brushing my teeth, noticed that Dougs razor was full of jackson's black curly balls. he had taken the razor to his afro. i told him to keep his hands off other peoples things!!!! then i told him his hair looked RADiculous! i told doug to hide his stuff! then i find the condom. could somebody please drug me??????????????????
Yogi and jackson are in Boston meeting the Celtics at a Christmas party. he acted so RADummy all morning because he has such anxiety(that nobody will treat-im stupid i guess) over the un-known and we had a very TOUGH morning, he asked me 10 times "what are we gonna do there anyway?" i am so glad hes gone. he was grouchy, sullen, hyper and rude to the younger kids. i had to speak to him over & over again.
did i mention im glad hes gone? LOL
ok... vent over. the baby is up. have a RADtastic Day!!!!
LATE EDIT 5PM: jackson was withdrawn and hardly spoke the entire day. it was too kiddish for him, a santa, basketball game & only 6 players. the gift the kids got awas a Trivial Persuit game lolololololol. he wont even open the box, i dont think. Yogi says he just sat there the whole time and that yogi was the only white guy there, which was soooo weird! he met a mom from Ghana and spent the day with her & her 2 kids and as usual, made his own fun. the food was great. thank you Boston Celtics for inviting my weird, un appreciative kid to your party. next year you can keep the slot open for someone who cares. love, ali


Lisa said...

You are a strong woman!

Torina said...

Ugh, condoms are so disgusting. Why oh why oh why.

Erin said...

OH MY.......

Brenda said...

Ick. My vocabulary now includes a wide variety of sexually weird stuff. Haven't had the condom issue yet though. I hope tomorrow is better. Congrats on getting your house clean though. I am doing that after my final on Monday!

Shea said...

~Sigh~ I'd put tile in the bedroom if I were you. Maybe he won't want to lie on the cold tile and will keep his butt in bed. I do not see how you do it.