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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i miss you gals!

i figure its time for a HUGE update. i will try to humor you.

i'm borrowing my friend Amy's laptop. it is the BMW of all laptops. i dont want to return it! it is amazing and sooooooo fast. incase you care, its an HP pavilion dv6809us with vista premium, a built-in webcam, all the cool gaming softwear and memory(which must be why its so fast) and its sooo shiny and really thin and light. i LOVE this thing. i want to marry it. i call "him" Oh Shiny Fast One. hes the man. our laptops are still being repaired .....whichever one is easiest to fix will come home first. neither are anything special. hhmmpphh. i'm going to take a pic of amy's laptop (holding todays newspaper) with my cell phone and send it to her with a ransom note. i have several demands. enough about notebooks.

the family photo night at Picture People sunday night went very well. Yogi insisted he & i be in the picture this year. i battled against the idea and lost. He always gets his own way. always. we all wore jeans except Kendyl, who wore a red dress and white tights. our shirts were red, navy or dark green. it looked really good! he did the group shots first which went great. shawn did well in Yogi's arms. then, when he tried to take shots of the 5 kids, Shawn wasnt havin' it. he took one right before shawn started screaming and that one is mediocre, but thats all he got. the ones of the 2 girls are AMAZING, the ones of the 2 oldest are SUPURB, we forgot to get one of just Yogi & me, and getting one of the the 3 boys together was impossible. they re- touched dougs skin in all the photos and they are beautiful, doug loved them. all in all, a very successful shoot. sadly, i look like a huge whale surrounded by 6 hungry, skinny sharks in every photo, yet here i sit eating lemon cookies. siiiggghhhhh. hoping to lose 65 lbs before next years shoot. ROFLMAO!
i will post them as soon as PP puts the pics on the website(it's taking forever!) and yes, i spent too much ;)

Black Friday shopping was a very surreal and eye opening experience. we were at Walmart at 5am and it was dog eat dog... eat or be eaten. we were only there to laugh, no fights from us,but it sure was funny. we heard one lady yell at an employee who needed to stay at her post"fine! i guess we'll have to go find someone who cares to help us!" i patted the employee on the shoulder and offered her gum. it was funny and she just blew the witch off. i scored on my first winter coat in 10 years-its red & white and i look like an ambulance in it, but i love the warmth. then we went to breakfast WITHOUT KIDS for the first time in 5 years and it was weird. best french toast i ever had in my life. Yogi pigged out on everything. then we hit 3 more stores quickly and came home at noon. kendyl wasnt feeling well, she had 2 over lapping cold viruses and had a fever. (Yog had it prior weekend i think)then shawn got it. yesterday i took them both to the Doctor and shawn has bronchial pneumonia. yay. hes feeling better already-good drugs. Kendyl just has a cold. neither has felt good in over a week now.

the truck issue continues. each garage says the other is full of it, now we need an impartial, objective expert witness to look all the paperwork over and testify for us in court if it goes that far. that pompous bass is not stealing 2k from me! LOSER! he doesnt have a leg to stand on.

we re-roofed the (leaking)dormer on our cape over the weekend, that was fun. i cleaned up the mess from the old roof and raked the front yard, doug went to the dump, yogi shingled the house. jack helped. shawn was a whiney pest lol. kendyl tried to help too, but shes short lol

anybody see the planets next to the moon last night? that was SO COOL! i thought jack would really get into it, but he was rather morose(sp?). he used to love all that astronomy stuff. eh.

shawn is so jazzed about the little decorated tree on jerry's lawn across the street. he stands in the bay window pointing and chatting away at it all evening with these big eyes. he was so sad when it wasnt lit at 530 thismorning lol. he just loves lights. and they blink! i wish it was warmer here so i could take him for a walk at night so he could look at all the lights. he would love that so much.

AJs widow is moving to Korea with her daughters because she just isnt making it here. because she owns a crappy income property in the city that is worth NOTHING and owns a car, she cant get any insurance for her or the kids. she just had a minor heart surgery and has a 16k hospital bill she cant pay. shes a teacher in maine at aprivate christian school that she lives in with the kids. if AJ had died in iraq, she'd be set for insurance, but because he died in the streets like a dog 5 months after returning from iraq, she gets NOTHING. she literally is leaving the country-a country her husband fought for-so that she can make a living teaching english is another country. a local police officer was murdered and his wife gets tons of help in the form of state aid, private donations, his pension.....and everyone rallies together to hold fund raisers for her & her 2 boys all the time. why is he more important? i dont get it. we've contacted congressmen, but havent gotten anywhere so far. AJs parents are devastated. Sayle is all we have left of AJ, its so sad that she has to do this to survive.

Kendyl wants a pony.

my mom is doing ok without her mom. she seems relieved.

thats it for now. yogi needs laptop. miss ya'all.


Brenda said...

Hope you get the laptops back soon. I'm sorry your friend is having such a hard time.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the update. I've missed you!

Erin said...

How awful AJ's widow has to move out of this country!!! things are TOUGH right now...
I know my mom is "relieved" since my grandmothers passing but she still has so much anger... and I dont blame her. Mom leaves Thursday for Florida because grandma f'd her in the end... hard...
mom look awful... not even a powerful enough word to describe it.
I cant wait to see your pictures!!!!! CJ LOVES CAMERAS... going to have to upload his videos of him saying cheese!
Miss you like crazy! Oh yea, the van is OURS... just need it to pass inspection @@