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Saturday, December 6, 2008

how?(late edit)

DO YOU MISPLACE A 10 LB CROCK POT? THE THING IS IMMENSE! oops, sorry for the caps button.
i cleaned closets. where are all the gloves? where are MY gloves? why cant i find the outdoor lights? im having one of those days where everying is missing.
we are all still in the throes of post nasal drip and crap here. i have an eye cold and its itching SO BAD i wanna gouge my eyes out.
yogi took jack to his first basketball game of the season. the kid is PUMPED. (LOST UGH)
yogi got his first leaf blower. hes 46 years old. hes not spoiled- he's PUMPED.
i am dragging my leaky, itchy eyes Christmas shopping ALL BY MYSELF when he gets back. i am PUMPED!
Parade in town tomorrow. Kendyl is PUMPED! (didnt feel good enough to go)
Shawn's birthmom finally got in touch with me after 15 mos. i sent her a message through her Facebook account, she wasnt answering e mail. i am BEYOND PUMPED! she got married in june and now lives 38 miles from us at Hanscom Air Force Base in MA! shes from little rock but joined the air force last january and has been very busy and hasnt wanted to "bother us" ????????????????????????????? shes lived in MA since June but didnt contact us! i mail pics and letters every 8-12 weeks but she hasnt received all of them. the agency dropped the ball i guess. in fact, they even sent a package to L.'s MOTHER's house in july! her mother didnt even know she had a baby! her mom assumed they were pics of her first son and opened it up, looked right at the pics and letter and didnt realize he was her daughters baby, even with those dimples. she kept telling L that he was "mixed race", the agnecy sent her the wrong package and that she was going to throw the stuff in the trash but L told her to hang onto it so she could look at it before sending it back to the agency. those were pricey, professional 1 year portraits! not happy with the agency right about now. now we are going to stay in direct contact instead of all this secrecy stuff- we hated it anyway. so did she. we were all following "the rules". dummies. the family that adopted her first son, who is now 4 years old, blew her off after the first few months and stopped all contact, so maybe she just assumed we'd be the same way and didnt want to set herself up to be let down again. then again-maybe the agency(same one) just didn't do their job. shes such an awesome girl. why would a family do that to her? ive missed her so very much and as strange as it may sound, we WANT her in shawnies life. shouldnt an "open adoption" i dunno... OPEN???????? we can't wait to go visit. Yogi hasnt met L. yet so hes excited to get the chance.
shoot- gotta fly. bye for now!


Shea said...

Have fun Christmas shopping. I am so glad you got in touch with Shawn's b-mom. It is great that you want her in his life. I am sure he will appreciate it one day.

Brenda said...

Let me know where you find your gloves. I'll look for mine in my house in the same spot. I'm glad you found Shawn's birth mom.

Mike and Katie said...

Last year I drew hearts, flowers and wrote "mom" on my gloves to keep them from being touched by the boys. It didn't work. They ran off with those, too.

Yeah! for connecting with Shawn's birth mom!