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Saturday, October 30, 2010

RAD kids and priviledges


the subject line alone makes my skin crawl. part of me says, "ha! why should they have ANY priviledges? all they do is make us miserable! on purpose even!" but that's immature and babyish thinking, I suppose.
grounding kids indefinately, however, just screws the rest of us, which is clearly unfair. We all need a life! I gave Jack his bike 2 nights ago. told him he had until 5:15(instead of the usual 5pm). he showed up at 5:50. he sure puts the F U in FUN, doesn't he? when i asked him why he was 40 minutes late, he answered, "how should i know what time it is? you won't give me my cell phone!" ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! he claims Deklan doesn't have one either. LIAR. I ignored it and moved on. i'll throw him a 5$ watch but he'll still screw it up intentionally to show me HE IS THE BOSS.
the very next day I allowed him to ride his bike to the football game. we drove out to UNH to get Kristin last night. game was still going on when we drove by afterwards at 9:30, so we didn't panic when he wasn't at the house. He supposedly had a ride home with Amanda. He strolled in at 11:30 and had ridden his bike home. black bike. black kid. black jacket, shoes and hat. smart kid. smart, smart kid. claims "Amanda forgot him". sure, she did. Amanda went home when it was done and you wanted to screw around for another couple hours.
he's just not strong enough to handle any priviledges or any rules. can't have one without the other so i guess it's barbies and train sets with the babies for him this winter. i need SOME SLEEP.


Kristin said...

I wish our Hatian Sensation was more like the Livesays' Hatian Sensations. They are lovable and fun to be around.

Kathy C. said...

I hear you. I have one like this out of home and one like this still in home. "The bus was late" was his cover up two weeks in a row coming home three hours late from school!!! Really he had detention.

T & T Livesay said...

LOL. I got the easy kids. I am sorry! I remember the day I declared "If Jackson does not have a family by the time we can re-enter IBESR we are adopting him." --- then you came along. Challenging for you. Easy for me. So unfair.