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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Madness

cool huh?
he even smiled for me!

what can i say? i love food!


Yogi with our Pseudo Grandbaby, Amelia. shes Korey lee's baby, born in late August. can you say SMITTEN? he so adores her.

me at the 73 lb mark. week 47.

weird kids

Jackson's idea of "using a can opener". this made me cry.

a side trip on the way to pick up Kristin at UNH this past Friday.

1 comment:

Mothering4Money said...

Great photos. Looks like Amelia is smitten with Yogi as well. Love the new pic of Jackson with the leaves in the background (that's your new header on the blog). I think I'm gaining what you're loosing. But you look terrific. Way to go Ali. xoxo