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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


my sister Amy
Kristin & Amy August 2010

Amy on her pink motorcycle 08/10
48 hours after these photos were taken, her whole life drastically changed. She was on her motorcycle during 5pm city traffic, headed to a biker night get together, and a 20 year old girl didn't see her and pulled out right in front of her. Amy hit the girl's car in front of her driver' side door, flew/rolled? up and over the car and landed on the trunk. Her 23 year old son was in front of her and turned around when he didn't see her in his rear view mirror. She was wearing a helmet, THANK GOD. She ended up with a badly split mouth and a VERY broken leg(femur & knee), went into emergency surgery to repair it all with titanium rods and screws. She's had a great attitude, but it has been the longest month of her life, I'm quite certain. She wasn't in the hospital neary as long as we expected and she hobbles around on crutches, trying to get used to her new, sadly sedentary life. When she had her stitches and staples removed 2 weeks ago, the surgeon told her she'd be able to start walking in another 4-6 MONTHS. MONTHS! Sounds crazy but it's true. They can only do so much and bones take time to heal. She seems resigned to the fact and atleast its mostly off-season instead of having this happen in April and her missing the entire riding season. Luckily, the entire accident was the other girl's fault and all her expenses will be covered. But she can't really work and the adjustment to doing "not much" has not been exactly fun. I've hardly seen her, It's so hard to get away and she understands that i really need my time at the Y to work on myself right now. She made it to Doug's big deployment ceremony at the stadium, her son carried her up several flights and then she managed the final few. we had LOUSY seats, long story not worth telling.(read:I screwed up).
I can't imagine losing her, not now, not like that! Not ever! She's definitely showing some signs of post traumatic stress, flashbacks etc.. but I'm hoping they're a temporary thing and she will feel like her old self as time goes by and her memory of the day's events fade. Can you imagine the fear? She loves to sew, quilt, do crossword puzzles and soduku....She's trying to stay busy and creative, for now. The bike? A total loss. she had just had it all custom painted too :( BUT, she's ok, that's what matters, and her crazy-ass life WILL go on, she seems excited to pick out and paint a new bike.
so.. that's the story. Now, GO HUG YOUR SIBLINGS! TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM!
What if you didn't have another chance?


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I will certainly be praying!!!

Erin said...

ummm..... I dont think I can go hug my siblings unfortunately... but I AM SO GLAD you have yours!!!! Can I hug you instead and pretend?

Lucky-1 said...

I liked your blog! I am doing pretty darn well and have begun work on a large cross stitch project - the biggest one I have ever attempted, "The Last Supper". My goal is to complete it before riding season starts in the Spring.

I wanted you to have the link to the accident account I wrote on my page in not sure you read it yet or not:

Thanks Ali!