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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how do i catch you up?

ok, so without really meaning to or making any conscious decision(true gemini!) i took the summer off, from blogging. it just kind of happened. Like most events, large and small, in my life. Sure, I've posted a few times, tossed up a few pictures, sprinkled in a few words here and there, but to seriously bring you up to speed would take hours. SO.... should I:

do a huge bullet post? the family update kind? or..

write a series of posts, maybe focusing each post on one family member inparticular, fill you in on what they're not doing with their lives, how each one continues to drive us to the brink of insanitybless our lives and fill our hearts with hope for their future? all that crap? maybe I could do both.. I just would hate to see it end up like the baby book thing. kristin's is 10 inches thick. ShawnAlan's? empty and doused in pee stains incomplete at this time. know what i mean? what if I start out all, "Kristin continues to bless us with her quick wit, her willingness to be flexible & forgiving of others and her uncanny ability to grab life by the tucus horns and never let fear hold her back!" and then, by the time i get to S.A., end with crap like , "shawnAlan poops in his drawers" That would be just WRONG. So, I'm thinking it over. My plan(I got one!) is to blog every other day, all month, to help clean my head out and shut my sister up. we shall see!

oh, by the way, you are not gonna believe what happened to my sister last month, she's ok now, but wait 'til i tell you the story, you're gonna shit. And something really neat and cool and a bit scary(maybe temporary, maybe permanant) might be in the works too, but I can't talk about it yet, and even when I do, i will have to respect other's privacy, but will tell you as much as i can.



Mothering4Money said...

Fuck I hate cliffhangers. LOL

Can't wait to hear everything!


Leslie said...

LOL! Can't wait! :)