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Friday, June 11, 2010

lots of stuff lately

I had a Birthday

almost started a fire

the chore chart has morphed and succumbed to a life of sharing hopeless mockery inspirational, motivation messages with the family.

Shawn fell in love with paint

Did I mention I had a Birthday?

Kendyl, somehow, got cuter!

the kids practiced patience

Shawn got cuter too

jack got crabby and my Daddy stood watch . see where I got my chin?

Tim thought he was funny with this joke gift!

my Mom left the house for an hour

i got some great cards , some flowers, a very cool thing i'll get a picture of later and my parents gave me some cold hard cash.
we'll spend some of it at Toy Story 3! T made my cake. I love my T man, even though he makes me insane most of the time.

the TV went bye bye for good. we don't miss it one bit.

we finally put Shawn Alan on a leash

T & I got motivated.. and..

the rabbit got a new roof! she LOVES her new digs :) wait.. this is a DURING picture... i forgot to take an after photo!

great week! ran, climbed & biked 10 days in a row, lost NO weight, and finally took yesterday off. Back to it today.... my body is changing like crazy, but the weight is still hanging on. 185 and holding.

im hoping to blog again later today, because i am BEYOND EXCITED that a bloggy friend of mine is MOVING back to NH(where she is from). she may end up living really close to us and i am over the moon. can you say RESPITE?? LOl no, im actually hoping for a running partner but she may be way faster. still a fun workout partner, possibly. she has haitian kids. SHE GETS ME. she gets my life. my anger. my fear of the future. I get her. even if theyre only close enough for weekend visits now & again, i'll take it! i have way more to say about it, but will dump it all later. gotta go get Kendyl at school.



Mothering4Money said...

Happy Birthday!

No TV? I'd die. LOL

The kids are adorable!

Kristin said...

HAHAHA i love the photo of shawn on the leash!! hahahahaha, i hadn't seen it yet.

also, i can't believe you posted a photo of my kindergarten-level arts & crafts (aka your bday card) haha ;)