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Friday, February 2, 2007

heat, IQ & self esteem

we are suffering oil furnace woes. in October we spent $8,000.00 to have this amazing system installed by SEARS. Yogi calls it "The Binford 6000". It overheats the 2nd floor terribly. It's 80* upstairs at all times. I've spent the last 4 days on the phone trying to talk SEARS, the plumber (we'll call him BIPPIE) and the electrician (we'll call him BOOPIE) who SEARS chose to install our amazing sytem into coming here to REPAIR our amazing system. Nobody is interested. Bippie thinks its a Boopie problem. Boopie thinks it's a Bippie issue. SEARS has evidently installed caller ID and no longer takes my calls at all. Bippie finally showed up today after i threatened bodily harm over the phone and after looking over our amazing system tortured me with a 20 minute speech, filled with very big, technical words, pertaining to the source of our amazing system woes. (for those of you in the field, He used the word convector and pressure alot)As i listened intently, focusing on every word, attempting to process, understand, retain & committ to memory every word he said so that I could relay the speech, word-for-word, to my adoring spouse upon his much awaited arrival this evening..... it suddenly occurred to me that how i felt at that moment(dumb, overwhelmed and stressed) is EXACTLY how Jackson feels at school with his peers and teachers every day. It must change, and now. We are his best & only advocates. His self esteem is at an all-time low, as of late.
I resolve to call the school on Monday morning and demand another meeting. I'll let Bippie & Boopie duke it out and decide what to do with the Binford 6000. I have bigger fish to fry.

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