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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

facing facts & frozen foods

We have had to face the cold, hard truth. We have bad luck with pets and appliances. Our dogs and cats suffer from horrible, deadly illnesses regardless of the level of care they've received over the years. Lyme disease, Lymphoadjectasia, tapeworms... just to name a few. We just do the best we can and keep telling ourselves(and anyone else privy to our occasioanl rants) that after these pets are gone, we won't ever get another. We lie.

As far as appliances go, we've suffered it all. Our brand new boiler woes continue. Bippie, Boopie and Boppie must be on vacation,(see photo of Boopie above) and now everything in our 18 month old refridgerator is frozen. SEARS is on my hit list. They better watch their backs! This may get ugly before I'm finished. Heads will roll.

I also followed through and called the school to schedule another meeting to discuss Jackson's progress(or lack thereof)-mentioned in a previous blog below. No return call yet. Do they know who they are dealing with??? My adoring spouse and I shared 3 New Years Resolutions. We are both Geminis and traditionally, Geminis have difficulty with being assertive, making decisions and juggling friendships-we both suffer from all 3 of these shortcomings. We both decided to make an effort to become more assertive, keep in touch with the people we love better and be stronger decision makers in the new year. No more wishy washy stuff! (Hey, Daddy, did ya hear that? I'll make ya proud! )

So far? we have both earned a C+ in all 3 areas. Not bad! The Special Ed. Coordinator at Thorntons Ferry Elementary School better get back to me soon. I play hard ball. I do not have time to fool around. Speaking of fooling around, I have appliances to break, I better get moving along with my day. Stay tuned for appliance updates!

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