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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

appliance woes-installment #3?

Boppie came over Friday morning to put the new part in the refridgerator. He arrived just in time to see Kendyl throw up all over the living room for the first of 17 times in the next 7 hours. He also witnessed the dog eating the vomit. He felt so blessed, i am sure of it. Guys wait years to see this stuff, yet he just walked right into it. Lucky man, he is. 48 hours later, everything in the refridgerator was frozen again and we still cannot use the water dispenser. we called thismorning, we await a call back. I'm sure they'll put a rush on it.

Bippie & Boopie came over on Saturday morning to work on the boiler. it still doesn't work properly. the 2nd floor is still at a constant 80*. We await a call back from them also. We won't hold our breath, especially with the storm coming tonight. Cool beans. Have I mentioned we love SEARS?

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