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Friday, April 8, 2011

just a recent post-run pic

this was taken last night, after my first run in my new 47$ Under Armor running bra. the bra is worth 2 thousand dollars, i discovered. eased my suffering in a way i cannot describe.
anyway, i see changes-small ones, but i see 'em! pectorals especially.
i'm playing on Yogi's MAC book air right now. the coon hound chewed through the power cord to my laptop. twice. why can't he just go chase some raccoons? yogi has way cool photo editing stuff on his mac, i love it! i can remove that ugly birthmark on my face. POOF!
i'll try to write more tomorrow, shawn alan is still sick, i must go now. basketball tournamnet in Boston all weekend too.

1 comment:

scooping it up said...

you look gorgeous to me. :)