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Monday, March 30, 2009

mystery solved! and my new addiction

in Jackson's closet I found 4 strawberry tubs, full of stems. the tubs were taken at 4 different times, each time resulting in the following conversation between uncle Tim and myself:

"Al, i need to ax(ask) you a question.
"where are the strawberries?"
" in the fridge."
"i am looking, they aint not(are not) in here."
"(visibly cringing)i think we used them up already"
"no, i boat(bought) 4, used only 3 for the short cakes."
" but you can't count. remember?"
" hot damn, that was mean, ma'am. I's(I is@@) go-nuh(going to) go cry in my pillow now"
" and I, the english major, am going to breath deeply, snap my wrist with a rubber band and recite the phrase, "go to a happy place" over & over in attempt to recover from hearing the term "I's" come out of your mouth.
he merely rolls his eyes.

Texans are funny, i'm just sayin'.

why the food stealing again? is he hungry? just enjoys hearing us discuss the missing item and watching us search?(control)
Yogi just took him to Boston for his regular PID visit and he's also going to see a new shrink down there. they'll be gone all day.

my new obsession/addiction? Yankee candles. It's bad. i SERIOUSLY need an intervention. the new "vineyard" one? smells like grapes? BLISS. you MUST get one! COTTAGE BREEZE is my other new fave. mmmmmmmmmmm. "C" needed a ride home from her job at Claire's in the mall at 9pm, but i left to pick her up right after the little ones went to be so i could walk around and sniff candles first. embarrassing, yes. yet i am powerless to stop.

Yogi bought a new truck a week ago. a 97 ford f250 with very low miles. looked nice, but was a total piece of crap underneath. trying to part it out now. borrowing my Dad's truck for now. long story, i just don't feel up to telling it just yet. UGH.

Jay leaves in 2 days. he seems nervous. doug & ben arrive home in under 4 weeks.

shawn has gained ONE pound since july. that concerns me. i didnt realize it was so little until i looked it up in his book. hes under the 3rd %ile.

shawn is also down to 1 or 2 tantrums a day, from 6-8 last month. yesterday and the day before he didnt have ANY! i am super mom. lol. he has been such a joy to be around.

i better bathe. ken has school. hugs to all!!!!

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Mothering4Money said...

My daughter was failure to thrive for a while and even after she was "healthy", she was such a picky eater than I constantly worried about her (and still do sometimes). Hope Shawn is able to gain more weight soon. But hey, less tantrums per day is AWESOME!